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What is the right time to remove your hair?

There is a right and ‘wrong’ time to remove your hair. We bust out some little-known secrets about skin hair removal.

You would think that removing hair is a job for all seasons – and you would be right. Except that there really are times when you shouldn’t attempt skin hair removal. Consider these surprising scenearios:

* Cold weather makes hair removal tougher.

It’s an interesting paradox: on the one hand, you would apply a skin numbing ice pack so that waxing becomes less painful. But you would also notice that skin numbed by cold weather hurts much more when waxed. You can’t explain it, but it certainly happens. The best thing to do is to use a skin hair removal cream that does not tug at the hair and gently removes it. Stay away from shaving the hair altogether – razor burn can turn into a sharp itch when the weather is cold.

* ‘That time of the month’ should be avoided for skin hair removal.

If you must wax your hair, do it before or after your menstrual period. Your skin’s sensitivity is heightened during the days of your cycle – in fact, your entire being may be lethargic and moody owing to a change in hormones during this time. Women using waxing for skin hair removal during their periods are more likely to experience pain, so it is better to wait till the period is over or opt for a skin hair removal cream.

* Sensitive skin creates the most problems for hair removal.

Sensitive skin always has it tough. It is prone to rashes in strong sunlight, it becomes dry and irritated in cold weather, and it develops boils when you change your skin care products. It needs careful nourishment and the highest levels of care. Most women with sensitive skin are afraid of using harsh chemical-laden depilatory creams and even more terrified of undergoing waxing. But leading hair removal brands in India have formulated depilatory creams and cold wax strips especially for sensitive skin. So, if you have sensitive skin, do browse for hair removal products created keeping your skin type in mind – and conduct a patch test 24 hours before using the product.

* Longer hair is more painful to remove.

The longer the hair on your skin, the more painful it is to wax it. It is advised that you should wait no longer than your hair being ½ inch long to wax it. If your hair is longer, then you should opt for a skin hair removal cream instead.

* Exfoliation makes hair removal easier.

This is a handy trick for the next time you remove hair from your skin. A few hours before you wax or depilate the skin, exfoliate it using a loofah and some skin scrubbing cream. This removes dead skin cells, dried oil and dirt on the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, the hair becomes clean and soft, and it is now easier to remove.

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