No-Face Facts that Makes Spirited Away Fans to Buy the Character T-Shirts

No-Face Facts that Makes Spirited Away Fans to Buy the Character T-Shirts

If there is all time favorite animated movie, then it is Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. There are so many interested characters in the movie, for instance, No-Face, and Chihiro’s. When the movie was released, it had broken the highest record in Japanese History and overtakes Titanic.

There are many facts about No Face Spirited Away that people don’t know about it.  So, let’s give a look at them:

  1. No-Face Leaves Footprints

If you see closely, then you will notice that this character leaves footprints as he walks, even he is the spirit in the movie.

  1. No-Face real name is Kaonashi

Those people who don’t know Japanese, this character is probably to be known as “No-Face”. However, his real name is Kaonashi in Japanese. This term means “Faceless”. It simply depicts his creature singe the character not just wears a mask, but he also capable of ingesting others around him. In this way, he develops new traits and attitudes of the people he ingests.

In addition to it, the character is not just faceless, but also body-less. He has a black and long body which is like a tube and appears hollow.

  1. No-face mask hides a large mouth

The mast of no-face character is incredible work of Japanese art that have pretty violet and grey colors. Plus, the mask has a small mouth that alters with his feelings. The mouth of the mast does not belong to any monster. But, the mast hides a large mouth of the No-Face character.

  1. No-Face eats others

Those who see No-Face carefully have definitely notice that he eats others and then, he quickly develops physical traits of the ingested characters.

However, it is clear that the character is a lonely spirit, and he truly wants to make a connection with others. He thinks that he will be able to attain attention from others, especially from Sen by ingesting and acting like the employee of the bathhouse.

  1. No-Face is not greedy

At first, he seems to be a greedy jerk, but the truth is that he is an adaptable spirit as he learns from examples and his surroundings. As the character discovers the bathhouse, and he starts to develops a huge hunger for materialistic things. But, once Sen cured him, and he starts to become a friendly and good spirit again.

These are five interesting facts of the No-Face character that most Spirited Away Fans want to know. So, if you like No-Face character, then you must be probably looking for No-Face T-shirts. You can go to Ghibli Store where you can find your Spirited Away favorite character T-shirts. What’s more? My Neighbor Totoro T-shirts are available at the store.

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