Miss Ronde Franche: beauty takes its ease in Lure

Miss Ronde Franche: beauty takes its ease in Lure

The election of Miss Ronde Franche-Comté will take place this Saturday evening Salle du Sapeur in Lure. 9 candidates are in the running, who wish to prove that the beauty is also in the forms.

By C. Dengall 

At 8 pm, the nine candidates from Franche-Comté will compete in the parades during a gala dinner organized by the Sapper in Lure. After an introductory speech that reminds us that beauty is also embedded in the forms, the girls will start a surprise dance to open the ceremony.

Will follow the traditional fashion shows: dress, lingerie and wedding dresses. Spectators will be able to judge the beauty and energy of its nine candidates, all of whom are facing a challenge by running for election. All want to show that the rounds too can be pretty, they write in the presentation, on the website of the election .

They will be accompanied during the evening of various musicians,Christophe Freyssac , rising singer of the new French scene, who has already made the first part of Calogéro.

We should know the name of the happy elected tonight around 11 pm

His portrait, tomorrow, so, on our website.

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