Jhumkas - The Ethnic Indian Accessory That Every Woman Feels Delighted To Wear.

Jhumkas – The Ethnic Indian Accessory That Every Woman Feels Delighted To Wear.

Fashion keeps changing, by the time one trend reaches its peak the other takes over. However, with this hide and seek style statement one thing that could hold their positions are earrings. Earrings always have been the most important part of accessory. No matter what outfit you wear you will have a perfect set of earrings to make you look elegant.

Archaeologists say that in ancient time’s people who believed life after death buried dead with their jewellery and other things. They wished their deceased to be well equipped with everything in their new life. Earrings come in various sizes starting from studs to jhumkas.

Jhumkas are everlasting ornament whose fashion never ends. They are classic earrings which are being used since decades. Jhumaks are necessary add on in every women’s ornaments’ collection. Every culture has their own designs of jhumkas. These pair of earrings is antique but also have a trendy look. They have a particular design and pattern that differentiates it from other earrings.

There are various kinds of jhumkas-

  • Gold jhumkas
  • Diamond jhumkas
  • Silver oxide jhumkas
  • Pearl jhumkas
  • Hoop jhumkas
  • Meenakumari jhumkas
  • Kashmiri jhumkas

Gold jhumka –

Gold jhumka designs are traditional, as they are generally worn with traditional apparels. When gold is melted it is moulded into many shapes like floral, temples or pearl drops with precious stones fixed in it. This not only looks elegant but also adds richness to it.

Diamond jhumka –

Diamond jhumkas designs are perfect for today’s generation where girls are not fascinated with gold earrings. It not only adds glamour but also looks sophisticated. They go well with any designer clothes.

Silver oxide jhumka –

As discussed above with different religion, choices of jhumkas also change. These jhumkas are worn by Gujarati ladies during Navaratri along with their Gujarati attire.

Pearl jhumka –

Pearl jhumkas are also one of the ornaments that can be accompanied with traditional dresses. Unlike golden jhumkas they are found in different designs and shapes. You can select one, according to your choice.

Hoop jhumkas –

Hoop jhumkas are combination of two earrings. Since jhumkas are heavy they are made to hang it comfortably in your ears with hoops. They look good with any kind of traditional outfit.

Meenakumari jhumka –

They are popular in desert areas like Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. It is mostly made with peacock pattern and colours. They have been in use since Rajputs were ruling this area.

Kashmiri Jhumka –

These jhumkas are just right for weddings or big festive events. They are very long earrings and since they are heavy it has a chain attached to it. You need to wear that chain at the back of your ear or fix it in your hair. They are studded with stones and pearls.

Jhumkas can enhance your look if worn according to your dress and facial structure. You can find all types of diamond, pearl, meenakumari, hoop, or gold jhumkas online in different designs and sizes, also at an affordable price.  Jhumkas are not designed for all occasions so you need to think before selecting one to avoid getting embarrassed, when you arrive at the event.

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