Haut-Doubs: they create the Youth Committee Miss Franche-Comté

Haut-Doubs: they create the Youth Committee Miss Franche-Comté

Do you remember Marina Pacaud? This pretty brunette with sparkling eyes, elected 2 nd runner at the Miss Round Franche-Comté contest last June.

His not sure during the parades and his confident smile in his speeches did not show anything of the courage and the will that had been mobilized for Marina to be present at this evening.

A few extra pounds and a battle for the young adult barely out of turpitude adolescence.

In this election, in front of an admiring crowd; Marina had been clear: supporting and helping a bad-skinned youth would be her hobby horse.

The pocket in victory (2 e runner anyway), Marina keeps his promise today. She is vice-chair of the Miss jeunesse Franche-Comté committee. This committee already exists at the national and European level, but it was lacking at the regional level in Franche-Comté. Marina and her friend, Aurélie Raidron of Chassey-lès-Scey (Haute-Saône), today chair of the committee, are getting on with the task.

With Amandine Garnery, secretary, Fanny Laurent, deputy secretary, Elodie Meunier, Treasurer, and Karolyne Faivre, deputy treasurer, the six girls are organizing this one re election with motivation and enthusiasm.

A casting on March 2nd

A casting is already organized on March 2nd at Complexe de Pontarlier from 2 pm to 5 pm. Any young girl aged 15 to 19, without size or weight criteria and living in Franche-Comté, can therefore stand for this election of beauty that will take place on July 23 in Chassey-lès-Scey.

Much more than an election of physical beauty, Marina and the committee wish to restore a forgotten self-esteem, a vanished self-esteem, an overwhelmed confidence, to a fragile and sensitive youth.

The course of Marina attests. She is today full of life and combative.

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