Holiday Fashion Ideas

The holiday season is knocking on the door and you must be super excited about it. Well, one of the key elements of the holidays is holiday fashion and unfortunately time and gain even the most fashion conscious people go wrong with it. Most people have an idea that holiday fashion is all about frills and tinseled outfits. This, however, is far away from the truth. This holiday keep the frills and tassels in the dark corner of your closet and opt for the more sophisticated look. Here are a few amazing idea that will definitely give your holiday fashion a boost.

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One of the most essential holiday fashion apparel is the bold sheer top. You can wear a plain camisole under the top and if you want to be more adventurous wear a polka dotted bikini underneath. You should team up the top with stilettos. You can be rest assured that you will look stunning.

The super wide pants are a rage at the moment and you should include it in your holiday fashion checklist. While shopping for the super wide pants choose the most exaggerated, skirt shaped pants and team it up with a sexy top. If you have a small waist then you should wear stilettos with these pants.

Tux jackets for women are very popular and you should definitely flaunt it this holiday season. Nothing manifests sexy like a white tux with black pants and strappy heels.

holiday fashion ideas

If you want to create the minimalist look then a satiny vest is just the perfect pick for you. Pair up a satiny vest with a pair of jeans that fits you very well. It is casual, chic and sexy at the same time and will add the oomph element to your overall appearance.

Jumpsuits are extremely comfortable and a sexy jumpsuit should be your fashion favorite this holiday season. Patterned jumpsuits without sleeves are extremely chic and it is the perfect choice for all those who are tall.

If you have long dress and want to let your hair down and party, then a red dress is your best friend.

Get The Military Look

The military inspired fashion has been a massive influence on the fashion conscious lot time and again over the past few decades. And after receding to the background from a couple of years or so, the military fashion trend has once again made a comeback and is presently creating ripples in the fashion world.

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So, do you want to try out the military inspired fashion now that it is back? Well, if you do then some of the things that you will have to stock your wardrobe with are army coats, cargo trousers and boots. As far as the army coats are concerned make sure that they are full arm in length, the cargo trousers should be skinny and as for the boots they should be ideally knee length. With these three basic things in your wardrobe you are ready to rock the military look but keep in mind that as far as this fashion trend is concerned you must incorporate the olive green as much as possible.

If you are set to go shopping to get the elements that you will need to complete the military inspired look, then the following are the things that should feature in your list.

For starters, you need to understand that paneling is a must and you can often get them in the pockets of the shirts.

Contrasting fabrics are an integral part of this fashion trends and some of the fabrics that you can incorporate in your attires are cotton, wool, chiffon and knitted fabric.

Epaulettes and golden buttons are a must for the military inspired fashion and you must get shirts and coats that have epaulettes and golden buttons on them.

military look

While you are shopping for your military inspired clothes you should try and get military-esque details and you can opt for things like chevrons on jackets and belts and gold chain details.

The knee high boots that you get for yourself should be black or tan in color.

If it is the winters then you can full length coat in heavy wool; see that the coat has heavy buttons and cuff links.

Making the most of the logo t-shirt trend

Logo T shirts are a vogue these days. A logo Tee can be defined as the T shirt imprinted with a specific logo. These logos always carry a certain significance for the wearer- something that is very close to his/her heart, something about which the user is extremely passionate about. It could your favorite movie or comic character or your company identity. The most common logos for T shirts are the superhero impressions such as Batman, Spiderman as well as the Disney characters like Mickey Mouse. It could also be the logo of university, college, school or a team. The logo T shirt is thus a wonderful way to flaunt your love and respect for your favorite characters or institutions. These trendy T shirts have carved out a solid niche for themselves and are widely used in college fests, company meetings, fraternity/sorority events and sometimes at family reunions as well.

logo t-shirt trend 2 You will even find logo T shirts themed on patriotism. One of the most interesting patriotic themed logo T shirt is the one imprinted with a Mickey Mouse with face outlining the national flag of America. You might also get logo T shirts embossed with faces of esteemed American Presidents. The logo T shirts are really smart and the meaningful logo imprinted on it makes them all the more appealing. You can flaunt them on any of your casual hangouts.

logo t-shirt trend

There are varied online stores out there who are offering for customized logo T shirts. A plain T shirt will be available from these stores where you are allowed to order your own customized logo. These sites have got special sections where you can design up your preferred logo artwork. It will just take a few minutes to create the logo artwork online. The final artwork presented by you will be further reviewed by a professional in-house artist to ensure an expert finishing on the logo. The stores will also help in case you need design suggestions. Most of the leading logo t shirt stores extend a wide array of possible logo designs for the customers to choose and order from.

Latest Runway Fashions

Are you a fashion freak who loves to dress as per the latest trends that are rocking the fashion world? Well, it is really great to be up to date with the fashion trends and if you want to follow the latest fashion trends then you will have to know what the trends that are rocking the fashion scene at the moment are.

Latest runway trends 2 One thing that you must absolutely know about the fashion trend of 2013 is the color theory. Monochromatic dresses are a rage at the moment and dressing from head to heel in the same color is the in thing at the moment. However, while following this trend make sure that you choose a color that packs the punch.

The second is the white and delicate trend. Delicate white fabrics are being preferred by all fashion designers this season and if you want to be up to date with the trends that your wardrobe must flaunt a few pieces made with white delicate fabrics. The white delicate fabric does have a heritage feel but the sun bleached effect that is brought on by the sheer laces and intricate embroideries are simply stunning. They make every wearer look stunning and are beautiful.

The cage match is another trend of 2013. The cage match shows off a sultry hint of peek-a-boo and the interlocking laces with black overlays shows off some skin beautifully. The twisted nettings in some of the clothes showed on the ramps in recent fashion shows have a gothic feel and black netting can be teamed up with a white lining dress to create a mesmerizing and stunning effect. Spider webs and fishnets have gained tremendous popularity as far as this trend is concerned.

Latest runway trends

The Far East is featuring a big way in high street fashion of 2013 and you must have a couple of dresses with motifs that are characteristic of the Far East in your wardrobe this season. You can get dresses with Asian influences like digital printed geisha dress and the dresses with the theme of louche Vietnamese.

Frills are also very trendy at the moment.

Bold Stripes Fashion Trend

Are you a fashion conscious person who loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then here is a fashion tip for that that will come in handy. When you go shopping the next time around, you should look for apparels with bold stripes. Stripes have always been a hot favorite with the fashion world and no couture is ever complete without a few pieces that have stripes.

Bold Stripes fashion trend 2 However the hot favorite of the season seems to be bold stripes, especially bold colorful stripes. In fact, a lot of fashion forward people are taking things a step ahead by flaunting stripes plus stripes and this combination has been getting rave reviews from the fashion pundits.

As far as the summer trend of the year 2013 is concerned, it seems that horizontal and vertical bold stripes seem to be the in thing. The bold stripes have been worn and flaunted in several different ways and they work extremely well to bring out the true element of your look. If you want to turn a few heads when you step out of the house, you can team up the stripes with a solid color piece. The purpose of combining the stripes with a solid color piece is the focus will be on that one statement piece. Also, if you want to you can create a color block look with stripes that will show off the ensemble of beautiful colors.

Bold Stripes fashion trend

This season, every high street fashion label starting from Dries Van Noten to Prada are showcasing attires with stripes and the best thing about bold stripes is that it juxtaposes the elements of sex appeal and casual chic. A hot favorite with young girls seems to be the striped color block pullovers with long sleeves and crew neck. This pullover looks very sexy and is very comfortable. Pair it up with jeans and loafers and you can good to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Scour the markets for some fashionable garments in bold stripes and be ready to turn many a heads when you step out.

How to Choose the Right Belt for Your Outfit

In recent years, the belts have become more and more popular among women of different ages and wearing different styles. Today it is used not only to keep your pants or jeans where they should belong (meaning your hips or waist), but to put the pieces of your outfit together, to accentuate your waistline, or just to add some bright color to dull and boring costume. But the problem is that some people use the belt to literally ruin their entire looks by simply choosing the wrong type of it, or placing it on the wrong part of their torso (like on ribs instead of hips). In order to avoid such trouble, read along and learn how to choose a belt.

It is pretty obvious when the belt looks cheap. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend $200 dollars on a belt, as it is insane. But take a close look at it when buying – a $10 faux leather belt most likely will not look nice. Try looking for a more quality belts, but which are on a sale – you can find some really great pieces that would be affordable but look fabulous.

Before buying a belt decide if you are going to wear in on your natural waist or at the waistline of your pants or jeans. That is important, as the natural waist of most women is smaller, and when you are, for example, buying a belt online, consultant should always mention if the belt was designed for natural waist or not.

Today you don’t have to get a belt that would match your shoes and purse color – even more, it shouldn’t really match. Just make sure that these three elements are of the same style and color palette.

Don’t you ever get a belt that is too small. You don’t need another depression trigger in your closet, right? If you do so, so will end up crying over the belt that just won’t hook after you’ve eaten too much pizza.

Now to the types of belts.

Skinny belts are today’s staples of every wardrobe. Being subtle and thin (usually no more than half an inch wide), these need no belt loops, which allows you to wear them at your natural waist. Try getting these of different colors, as they may fit in every style and outfit all year round.

Medium sized belts (about an inch wide) are the perfect ones to wear in the belt loops you have on your pants. Purchase some of a neutral color like tan, blush or grey, as they are pretty universal. Just don’t try to use them to make the jeans fit – if your pants are too big, small belt will not help your look, it will ruin your image.

Wide belts are the most controversial of all, as here the wrong width will not complement your body at all, especially if you are not 5’11, but 5’4 as an average woman.

Making up your mind? Look through the belts you can find in London.

7 Spring Fashion Trends for 2014

Not sure about everyone else but I am sure ready for spring. This winter weather is getting me down and the fashion is becoming repetitive. Same style concept everyday, boring! Although the groundhog saw his shadow spring is coming near, that means new outfits and trends. What’s hot is a must have this spring so don’t miss out; here are the top seven fashion trends for this spring!

Every girl needs a little jacket to get her by, especially with the cooler weather still in transition. Cropped and bomber jackets are a top priority jacket to purchase. Patterns, textures, and cuts of all kinds will litter the stores. Some bombers will ditch the leather look and change up fabrics and use denim, chiffon, cotton and other mixes of materials. Either one will be easy to wear all spring long!


Maxi skirts are also a huge must have on this springs list. All colors, patterns and fabrics can be found stocking stores. These skirts are great for spring because they are a great in-between bottom. It may become too warm for jeans but still too cold for a knee length skirt, thus the maxi skirt. Another option is the Magic Wrap Skirt, an option carried by popular retailer Iris Impressions. It brings the perfect flow and style to any springtime outfit.

For that extra warm day a skater dress would work nicely. A huge dress for this springs market you wont have any trouble finding one, and in your favorite color. They are form fitted on top but have some fullness and flow on the bottom. Take that skater dress and pair it with your new-cropped jacket, that’s a cute combo!

Sheer blouses are in this year. They are a great layering top for a colorful camisole or a bandeauunderneath. Pair them with basic denim or tuck into a maxi skirt for an evening out. They are a great go-to blouse for any time this spring and can be found in many colors and patterns. Cuts and styles will vary as well, sleeve length and neckline can all differ from blouse to blouse, get a few and switch it up everyday for a new look.

Even though you would rather be outside on a spring day, work may keep you at the desk. Bring the bright sunshine inside with a colorful blazer. Expect to find pinks, yellows, light blues and mint greens in blazers and everything else. Cute pops of color can make you a happier worker, even when you’re stuck inside.

Trade in the basic blue jeans for some fun and funky denim. Bright colored skinny jeans will walk the streets this year so join the march. Every color of the rainbow and every pattern imaginable will be printed on your jeans!

Lastly the go-to shoe this spring is, the wedge. Every girl should have a pair of wedges because of how versatile they are. Pair them with a sundress for a casual day or a formal dress for a spring wedding. Don’t forget their style ability with pants; jeans, capris and crops all look just as fabulous with wedges!

If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, our site offers regular articles, guides and news on new and upcoming fashion trends.

How to keep your wardrobe organised and up to date

Keeping your wardrobe up to date and stocked with current fashion items is quite an easy task if you are prepared to part with clothes that you haven’t worn for two years.  Obviously you can keep a few precious items such as the t shirt you bought in a concert five years ago and have worn regularly ever since. This also applies to the pair of Levi Jeans that you have worn to perfection.

Staple Items

Every wardrobe requires certain staple items in order to function correctly. These include; black and white t shirts, vests, sweater, hoodie, shirt, jeans, trainers and shoes. When purchasing these basic items looking for good quality brands that have the reputation for style and durability is important.

Designer Clothes

If you have enough spare cash to enhance your wardrobe with a few choice designer items there is a huge selection of brands offering a variety of styles meaning that you will be sure to find the brands that represent who you are.  Avoid the temptation to dress yourself from head to foot in the same brand as it is not always the best look to have. Here are some designer classics that will upgrade your wardrobe from standard to first class.

Levi jeans

If you are looking to own a pair of denim aristocracy then putting a pair of Levi jeans on to your designer wish list will mean that you will most certainly hitting the high notes in the designer clothes department. As well as the famous 501 range there are many other fits and styles you can choose from – all with those famous metal rivets.


The T-Shirt

As well as your plain staple t- shirts you can also add a designer one with an emblem or picture on the front to make a statement about your individual style. Religion clothing has a wide range of t-shirts with eye catching and sometimes shocking graphics on the front. If you want to draw attention to yourself then these t-shirts will certainly help you do that.  Whatever you choose will go superbly with your Levi jeans.


Finally the shoes we choose for our summer wardrobe can be lighter and more neutral because the weather will hopefully be improving so an investment in designer shoes will not be wasted.  The question you will really need to ask yourself is whether you are going to wear trainers more than leather shoes.  If you make the wrong choice you are likely to have an expensive pair of shoes languishing in your wardrobe and not on your feet.

All clothes mentioned are available from where there is a large choice of designer clothes that are certain to spruce up your wardrobe.

5 Awesome Guides On How To Choose The Right Jewelry To Match Your Outfit

Jewelries can either break or make your outfit. There are times that even ordinary dress can easily turn into a majestic outfit if the right jewelries are used. However, there are also some fashion disasters that happened just because of using the wrong jewelry. For this reason, I would like to share with your 5 awesome tips on how to choose the right Jewelry to match your outfit.

Choose diamond jewelries

Of course, diamonds are somewhat expensive. However, diamonds are really timeless and priceless when it comes to improving your outfit. Because of the simplicity, but elegant appearance of diamonds, it can easily be matched with any outfit. Be it a necklace, earring, or ring, diamond jewelries can perfectly blend into different dresses.

Thomas Sabo Classics collection feathers

Choose the right metal

There are many types of metals or stones that you can choose from. Once you have chosen a metal, you need not to have a custom jewelry. Wearing different metals may disrupt your harmonious fashion look. Go for white gold or silver. These types of metal can give you a classy and sophisticated look. No matter what era or time you are in, white gold and silver never go out of style.

Choose the right color

This is where it can get a little tricky. Matching the right color to blend with your outfit can easily get out of hand if you don’t know where to start. As a rule of thumb, your jewelry should complement with the color of your outfit. You need to know what your aim is. If you want your jewelry to stand out, you should wear a neutral color. One good idea is a black dress, which can easily go along with different colors of jewelry.


Consider your outfit

If you already have an outfit in mind, you might want to start from there. Take note of the color, design, and size of your dress and see how you can match your jewelry with it. Obviously, the jewelry you wear during your cocktail party would be different from your corporate meeting. If you are not too sure and want to be safe with your choice, you can wear jewelry with the same color as your outfit. If all else fail, get your diamond jewelry and you will not have any problem matching it with any of your wardrobe dress.

The lesser the better

Gone are the days when people are measured with how much jewelry is worn. Today, you need to stick to the rule of two. This means that you should only use two types of jewelry at the same time. It can be earrings and rings or necklace and watch. Wearing less number of jewelries will help other people’s attention to be focused on only a few rather than they become confused on what to look at that they don’t have time to appreciate your outfit.


These are some of the tips and guides that you should remember when matching and blending your jewelry with your outfit. Remember the information mentioned here and you will have a better idea on how to improve your fashion statement.

Lalaland Shirts Crazy Shirts

T-Shirts are all the rage in Hollywood among the younger stars and quite frankly the old stars too.  Everyone is trying to look fresh in a logo or printed t-shirt, and all of the big brands are adding this type of shirt to their clothing line.  It doesn’t matter if you are a super model, Justin Bieber or Jay Z wearing a t-shirt with some simple words on it is all the rage and is only getting more popular.  The cool thing about these shirts is they allow you to express yourself no matter what type of view you have.


Crazy Shirts are the best way to get attention and have everyone start a conversation with you.  The crazier your t-shirt is the more attention you will draw to yourself.  It’s great, because these logo t-shirts can have a funny phrase such as “You’ve Cat to be Kitten me Right Meow” or they can support your favorite candidate for president.


This trend of wearing cool logo t-shirts might have actually started with the 2008 presidential campaign when everyone was wearing cool Barack Obama tees.


If you have a school, sport, topic or dumb phrase that you like you will be able to find it on a logo T Shirt.  This is why logo tee shirts are so popular and profitable right now.  Not to mention that Middle America will see their favorite star wearing a shirt with a random phrase on it and want to buy that shirt and emulate them before anyone else beats them to the punch.


Let’s face it a T Shirt can be worn out to the club or they can be worn on a lazy weekend day and you can look good in them in either situation.  So if you are trying to keep up with the latest trend and look good at the same time, then you need to start checking out the latest logo tees that are out there.


Costume Jewelry Styling Ideas

Hit the jackpot with these new trends in fashion jewelry

Plain is out, eccentric is in—this is the latest mantra when it comes to costume jewelry. Fashionistas are showing an adventurous side not only in their wardrobes, but also in their accessories. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to plain bands, one-layered crystals, or a chain of pearls; we can, however, combine all three with a little black dress to make a statement. Before we get to styling options, we have to know the essential costume jewelry we must own. According to The Chic Fashionista, the staple costume jewelry pieces are: diamond stud earrings, cocktail ring, versatile statement necklace, and dressy dangle earrings.

Styling our accessories is also a way of putting a personal stamp on our jewelry pieces, so we’ll look fabulous when we go out with the girls for a party or for bingo fundraising events. Bingo socials for a cause, in particular, will showcase not only our compassionate nature but also our fashion sense. We cannot be faulted if we want to look like the deities from Bingogodz while sashaying in the rooms of Penobscot High Stakes Bingo Hall for a fundraiser. We can also sparkle like goddesses if we knew how to style our favorite accessories, and the key is to discover the winning combinations.


These are the new trends on costume jewelry styling according to Harper’s Bazaar:
· Stacked Rings – choose rings with single stones and those with flat edges, then layer accordingly for a funky vibe.
· Loaded Bracelets – gold pieces of different sizes will be more effective than multiple bangles in creating a worldly spin on style.
· Misplaced Brooches – placing brooches in unusual places, like on your scarf or the hip of your dress, will create a stunning effect.
· Layered Necklaces – a few strands of varying necklaces in different lengths gives the wearer a festive look.